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Healthy Living Team

Glen Park is proud to offer a Healthy Living Team that specializes in covering a wide variety of activities to promote health and well-being. With a group of six professionals that offer multisensory programs from art therapy to cooking classes, we aim to stimulate both body and brain through these interactive activities. When your loved ones memory is declining, it is our goal to focus on what senses and strengths they still possess. There is currently no cure for Alzheimer’s; however, we strive to provide care for our residents while trying to promote independence and dignity.



Chef Lauren Rodgers Lauren works directly with Glen Park’s dietician and cooks to help construct an innovative menu plan that includes specific fruits, vegetables and recipes that are rich in nutrients that improve the brain and body’s overall health. The residents are able to enjoy a meal plan crafted with culinary expertise and dietary insight, which is focused on revolutionizing...

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Fatima Bustos – Choy, PhD

Fatima Bustos – Choy, PhD - Brain Educator

Dr. Bustos offers our residents at Glen Park an effective program called BEST – Brain and Education System Training. This provides principles, practices, and protocols that bring about health and wellness at the physical, emotional, energetic, cognitive and spiritual levels. Through various exercises, residents experience improvement in their flexibility, strength, balance, memory, concentration, interpersonal relation, executive functions, decision making, problem...

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Madison Salesman

Madison Salesman - Meli Music Therapist

Madison Salsman, MT-BC, is a Board-Certified Music Therapist who received her B.M. in Music Therapy from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA with a minor in psychology. Madison is primarily a vocalist and guitar player. She completed her internship at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in Los Angeles, CA, working in all units including the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Cardiothoracic...

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Sri Krishnan

Sri Krishnan - Horticulture

Srividya (Sri) Krishnan cares about environment and believes that natural vegetation helps us connect back to nature, contributing to healthy living. She had a stable job in the computer science industry, yet her passion for plants was calling to her. She made a choice to follow her passion and obtained her Associate degree in Ornamental Horticulture. She holds Masters in...

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Lev “Levi” Wicked is a 29 year old artist and craft teacher. He is a native Californian, who enjoys drawing, writing, and photography. Levi started teaching arts and crafts eleven years ago when he was a counselor at a children’s summer camp, and now he teaches crafts to both children and adults.

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RHIANNON GILMORE - Paper Ed Instructor

Rhiannon Gilmore is a certified Paper Ed instructor. Arts and Crafts comes naturally to her. She enjoys making unique and one of a kind items with her hands. Rhiannon loves working with the elderly and enjoys putting a smile on their faces. Especially when assisting them with a project they didn’t think they could accomplish. Rhiannon currently conducts projects with...

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EILEEN GELSO - Gourmet Chef

Eileen Gelso has been a gourmet chef for over 40 years and specializes in gourmet and nutritional cooking. Shortly after graduating from culinary arts school in New York City, she became the Sous Chef at the world famous Waldorf Astoria for eight years. Presently, Eileen works as a private chef to fitness industry professionals and runs The Great Plate Café...

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Evan is a native of Los Angeles, CA. He is a graduate of Medical Assisting and Telecommunications but his love for food brought him to work in the food industry. He used to work for a major pizza chain then progressed to a French Bakery and Cafe where he elevated his cooking skills and learned how to cook different dishes....

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Seza Mirzaian

Seza Mirzaian - Dance Instructor

Seza Mirzaian is a private dance instructor who teaches Mediterranean Folk, Belly Dance, Salsa, Zumba, Cha Cha, Chair Yoga, Hula dance, Mexican dance and a lot more. She also volunteers in the community to teach young children and seniors and promotes an active lifestyle. She works as a substitute instructor in Burbank Senior Center.

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Love On 4 Paws

Love On 4 Paws - Animal Assisted Therapy

Love On 4 Paws is a non-profit, volunteer based organization committed to making a positive difference for those in need through animal assisted therapy. Our volunteers accomplish this by sharing the joy, comfort and healing power of their pet’s unconditional love. Their emphasis is visiting with adults and special needs children in hospitals and health care facilities, although they also...

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